Monday, May 28, 2012

I have just one question . . .

 . . who cloned Glimi?

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I would love to there as a hobbit

Oh, and why can't this happen to me ?

Love Sararose

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Horsesfeather Stables: How it all began {part one}

The Capture

Its late afternoon in the forest. The horses are having fun with races and exploring. 

Patches and Prince Eddie are leading the race!

Moonlight and Starlight are play-fighting.
Moon is showing off but Star gets the better of him!

Simba has gotten stuck in vines!

All the while, Miss Penny {riding Snow White}
is investigating the forest.

Sooner or later, she will stumble across the clan!

Lilly is in the lead! Pat is second, Eddie is third,
Star and Moon are tying last.
 All the clan are cheering them on!
All, it seems but Daisy!

Oh no! Miss Penny and Snow are coming closer and closer!

Can you see Miss Penny and Snow in the distance?

Oh no! Miss Penny has caught two
of the clan! Honey and Tarli didn't hide
 fast enough and have been captured.

"I don't want to leave them" Belle states
"It feels like we're abanding them" agrees Mary,
 as the lambs' eyes start to well up.
Simba declared "Well, I'm going to follow them"
"follow them?" questions Mary in wonder
"I'm going with you" Belle avowed
"We will ALL go" Prince Eddie's voice rumbles from the woods.
And so they left and trailed behind Miss Penny and the others,
keeping out of sight the whole time.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Beautiful people {part one}

My Characters are

Lady Felicity {Lacy} and Duke Kyle

1.   What is their favourite type of shoe? Hers would be: Slippers with embroidered flowers on them. His: barefoot is best.

2. Do they journal? No

3. What's their favourite animal? Rabbits, Mice, and dogs.

4. Night owl or morning person? Both morning people, she gets up with the sun and spends an hour or so outside everyday before sneaking back into the manor and pretending to be asleep when her maids come in. He gets up early, dresses, and has breakfast 3 hours before his family does. She goes to bed pretty early, unless they have guests, but reads till she falls asleep. He stays up later then her but usually falls asleep in front of the fireplace. Lacy goes out to fetch him if it later then 10.30.

5. Do they have a sweet tooth? She does, but he favours savoury meals.

6. What colours is their bedroom? Now? Cream and mauve. His was cream and dark blue. Her was pink and white {not her choice}

7. Can they cook? No, neither of them were not allowed near the kitchen, but was {once} she was allowed to help make some sweetmeats

8. What is their favourite household chore? She was not allowed to do chores, other than work set by her tutors. Kyle’s reminding his servants that windows ought not to be left open on winter nights.

9. Favourite kind of tea? She does not like tea, she prefers plain milk. He likes coffee.

These guys are young. At the time I am portraying them, Felicity is 17 and Kyle is 20.

Lots of Love, Sararose xox