About Me

I am a ballet-dancing, imaginative and commonly outrageous teen who chats too much. I entertain people, take photos of wildlife, dance and generally make people laugh.
I am a pre-professional dancer and choreographer on a part-time program (21 hours), and going to start my own youth dance company.
As you can tell, dancing is my life.
I really hope you enjoy my blogs. Please leave a note to let me know you visited.



Gemma French said...

Hi Sararose,
Its great you love to dance! I, however am not such a good dancer. :/
I am more of a singer and piano player! I love visiting your EPIC blog!

God Bless,

princesswithbrains said...

Hi sararose i'm Princess I fixed up my blog and saw you following me so I came here. Great blog by the way.

Maddy said...

That is awesome!!!! I'm also a dancer, I dance about 20 hours a week and I'm also in a pre-professional company and dance is my life! Where do you live and where do you dance? Is it competition? I'm so glad that I found your blog! It's amazing and I'm going to follow! I hope that you will check out my photography blog ( maddysdigitaldiary.wordpress.com ) and a group blog that I just started ( girlslivingforgodsglory.wordpress.com) Thanks!!