Thursday, December 11, 2014

the wasteland tag

So I got tagged in this quite a while ago, but as I've been REALLY busy with rehearsals etc, but now as my concert was last night and rehearsals are now over, I can finally do the tag. (BTW, the concert was amazing!!!)

So I believe with this tag, the rules are:
1.      List 5 – 15 things that you do in the summer or winter when you are bored. (I'm choosing summer as it is summer where I am)
2.      Tag 5 – 10  other bloggers
3.      I believe that some rules can be bent, and I will probably bend these rules by tagging 2 people. I dunno. It depends on how much energy I have left to tag people when I have gotten to that stage.

#1      Pilates. Keeps you in shape, uses energy, help maintains flexibility and strength.

#2      Swim. As it is supposed to be really hot, swimming is good to cool down and its good to stay in shape (without building bulky muscles. For female dancers, bulky muscles are a big no-no)

#3      Read. How could anyone be bored exploring Hogwarts with the golden trio with escaping from Lord Voldemort’s wrath (and somehow earning house points at the same time), or keeping peace between the clans by the lake (or in the forest), or travelling with Augustus and Hazel Grace to Amsterdam to be disappointed by Peter Van Houten, or keeping your “non-conclusive” test results hidden from Erudite and Dauntless leaders. 

#4      Dance. For fun. Seriously, blast some fun music and dance around.

#5      Write a story. Short story, massive series. Whatever takes your fancy.

I'm making my own version of Cimorelli's Your Worth It music video

#6      Make a music video. You can do this by yourself or with friends (with friends is nicer). Pick a song that you really like and make a video to it. It could be like the official music video for that song, a parody, based on the lyrics, lip-syncing or just mucking around with music in the background. If you and your friends like to dance, try choreographing to the song.

#7      Go shopping. Window shopping, op-shopping or fake shopping. For those who don’t know what “fake” shopping is, it’s when you and a friend to the shops, try on clothes in the dressing room, and pull silly poses when your friend takes photos, then put the clothes back. (You can record some of this and add into a music video) you can also do this with your own clothes with random articles of clothing from your wardrobe and your friends’ wardrobe.

#8      FOOD. Cook dinner, make pancakes for breakfast, create yummy treats with your friends. Also, eat some of your creations.

#9      Watch YouTube. Especially Cimorelli. Because they are just amazing.

#10   Clean up. Clean your desk, your room, help your dad with the outside chores, help your mum with cleaning the house, etc. 

Now, I believe it is time to tag other bloggers:

PrincesswithBrains from The Aussie Princess
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Love Sararose xox


Rosie said...

Great ideas! XD
And yes, the concert was amazing! :)
* hugs *

BadKittyProductions said...

You are warriors fan!? I Love the warrior cats!!!!!!!!

Maddy said...

Awesome post! I love your blog!