Friday, February 3, 2012

A superb cast of photos ....

I personally disagree with this, I love all my friends and
I am an avid book-lover - I have NEVER spent any day of
my life, since 2006, not having read SOMETHING that day.

I love these quotes. Which one is your favourite?

Love Sararose


GuineaPiggyGirl said...

lol! I like that you can't find the plot and pleasuring in doing what other think you can't do!!

Love ~*Chantelle*~

P.S. did you learn to read in 2006? I don't think there has been many days I haven't read anything since '99 or '00

Rosie said...

I didn't know you two blogs! LOL
I'm watching this one now too. ;D

Sararose said...

Tellie - 2006 waws when I started to REALLY read! I'm glad you liked them!

Rosie - Thanks for watching this blog!

Love Sararose xox

Helena said...


My google reader was messing up a bit, so I wasn't getting your blog posts (probably cause the website address for this blog was changed) but I've got it all fixed up now so I'll be getting all your blog posts again YAY!

As for my favourite quote, probably 'My life has a superb cast but I can't figure out the plot' is my favourite.