Monday, February 10, 2014

Mecury and Giselle

   Hello my lovely readers!!
For my Science (as I am back at school starting today), I am reading "Exploring the World of Chemistry" by J. H. Tiner.
I am finding the book to be a very interesting read! So I decided to post some of the things I found to be interesting today...
"The Egyptians and other ancient people who lived long ago knew of seven metals. Three are the working metals - iron, tin, and lead. Three are money metals - gold, silver and copper.
what is metal number seven? It is mercury.
Mercury is a silver-white liquid at room temperature. Metal workers classified it as a metal because of its weight and silvery surface. Mercury looks much life molten silver. A drop of mercury darted about at the slightest movement, as if it were alive. For that reason, people gave the name quicksilver to mercury. Quick is an Old English word meaning "alive""

   "People of ancient times knew of seven planets. The Roman word planet means "wanderer". they applied the term to heavenly objects that moved about against the background of stars. The seven wanderers are the sun, the moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn and Mercury.
   Stargazers of old times matched the planets and metal together. the sun with its never-failing yellow light matched with gold. the moon, white in the dark sky, matched silver. Venus and Jupiter were matched with copper and tin. Iron, the rusty metal, matched quite nicely the red colour of Mars. Saturn, slowly moving and dull, was put with lead.
    They identified the liquid silver metal with Mercury, the fastest moving of the planets. Mercury moves rapidly in the sky. The Greeks thought of him as a runner, carrying an important message. He is often pictured with wings on his feet. The Greek name for Mercury was Hermes. The people of Lystra thought Paul was Hermes after he spoke and performed a miracle. They tried to worship him, but Paul told them they should worship the living God (Acts 14: 12-15)."

For my other subjects, for the moment I am using...

"Life of Fred; Advanced Algebra" by Stanley F. Schmidt for Maths

"The Elegant Essay Writing Lessons" by Lesha Myers for English

"The Catholic Girl's Survival Guide for the Single Years" by Emily Stimpson for Religion

"Les Miserables" by Victor Hugo

I am also doing an Irish History project and my Ballerina Project, which is a series of Ballets, dancers, musicians and choreographers, etc. I am just about to start on "The Giselle Project".
Love Sararose xox 

What are using/doing for school work this year? I would love to hear from you!
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