Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Date... Tuesday 21 of August
Starting time... 4:23pm
Mood... Happy
Outside my window... Firewood and lots of cones.

I'm thinking... what skirt shall I wear to meet the pope?
I'm currently reading... "Lark Rise" and "Red Hugh, Prince of Donell"
I'm listening to... the water splashing down into the pool (no, its not raining)
I'm wearing... trackies, my Alice top and a comfortable jacket
I'm looking forward to... the girls-group thingy tonight.
I'm hoping... I'll find my balance soon.
Yesterday, I.... danced
I'm hungry for...  chocolate
The song stuck inside my head is... one of the tracks Miss Kristy uses in Open Class.
I love...  Books
I loathe... boring teachers
This week, my goal is...  to find my balance
Ending time... 4:29pm (wow, that was short)


Sarah said...

My favoriet is I'm hungry for
chocolate whose not. I hope you had a nice time at the girls group.

Love Sarah

Hannah said...

Hey Sararose! You left a comment for me about me making you a signature, and I would love to design one for you! I have them on a design blog where you can check out the different styles, borders, and fonts, and where you can see my portfolio. Also you can order what you want on that site by clicking on the order page! Here is the page on my design blog with the signatures: tmkdesigning.wordpress.com/products/signatures

Thank you SO much for asking me to design one for you!!! You can submit an order form on the site, with what you want and how to contact you, and I will get to you as soon as I can!
Thanks so much!!!


Sararose said...

Hey Sarah, I had a fantastic time at the girls group.

Hannah, thanks so much for doing the buttons and signatures for me!! I really appreciate it.

Love Sararose xox