Monday, September 24, 2012

Hello Australia!

Its great to be home.
Our trip overseas was AWESOME but, you know what they say ....

{except Grandmas}
I tried to put a link to my mums' blog on my sidebar, as she was doing some journalish post on where we were going - but it didn't work
oh well.
In other news...
* My rabbit Queen Cinnamon has an eye infection
* His Royal Highness King Bailey of the Fireplace has no fire in his place, but is being quite friendly with us and with HRH Cinnamon, which was completely unexpected. We thought he would be gone for the day, after being locked in the garage for three weeks. Interesting.
*my bed is the most comfortable I've slept in all month.
*I love the smell of dad cooking on the BBQ. Yum yum.
* I nearly  kissed the ground at the airport after being on a plane for 13 hours.
*We got home at midnight.
*I'm about to get off this so we can watch "Beauty and the Beast"

Love Sararose xox
{night night}


bethy said...

Welcome home!
I can't wait to hear about trip!
Thanks for your lovely birthday card.
Beth xxx

Rosie said...

Welcome back!
I'm sorry to hear about Cinnamon. :(
I hope she recovers.
Can't wait to hear everything!


Sararose said...

I will write about my trip very soon . . . its nearly all planned out in my head!
Love Sararose xox

GuineaPiggyGirl said...

I'm waiting for those pictures I'm sure you've taken!

Sararose said...

Chantelle, we took over 1000 photos - I not putting all of them up though.

Love Sararose xox

GuineaPiggyGirl said...

:) I didn't mean all of the photos! My extremely edited version came out to about 4000 from just me alone when we went! :)

Lots of love