Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I'm smarter then my dad

well, I am.
Dad thought that "velocity" and "speed" were the same thing and could be used interchangeably.
Apparently, in physics, there is big difference between them.
Speed tells you how quickly an object moves, while velocity tells you how quickly and in what direction the object is moving.
There you go. Learn something new everyday.
Actually, the real reason for my post is this video that I like.
Its the Bluebird Pas de deux form Sleeping Beauty.
I can only dance Princess Florine's solo though.
Here it is...
The Bluebirds' solo starts at 2:50
Princess Florine's solo starts at 3:59
Best viewed on full screen
Love Sararose xox

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Leanne said...

It was lovely to see you understanding your science xxxx
love mum