Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - More Rome

Yes, we are in Rome.

cherub #1: This is how you do it, mate
cherub #2: yeah, I'm (not) watching
the crowds at the Vatican - AHHH!!!
Mum really liked walking up and down steps

One of the street sellers - some were selling water bottles.
View from on top of the bus
(and no, I wasn't pretending to be a Spice Girl)

These were EVERYWHERE! Street corners were most popular
The Vatican
If you look closely, you might see the GINORMOUS line to get into the Vatican


bethy said...

Ohhhhh! This makes me even more excited!!

Leanne said...

You need little captions you are so clever at your comments

Sararose said...

Beth, I know, its SO EXCITING!!!!!!!
and mum, I know, I meant to put captions, but duty calls! thank you though!!!!
Love Sararose xox

GuineaPiggyGirl said...

nice photos! are they courtesy of you? How's the first week back at ballet been?


Sararose said...

yeah, they're coutesty of me!